Service highlights

  • 1 Real Estate Appraisal  
  • 2 Movable Property Appraisal  
  • 3 Intangible Asset Valuation 
  • 4 Survey and Estimation Services 
  • 5 Consulting Services 
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Service Repertoire

Real Estate Appraisal

Appraisal on Loan Collaterals
Appraisal for Verification of Asset Value
Appraisal for Land Development
Appraisal on Properties with Disputed Value/Ownership
Appraisal and Financial Consulting Services for Real Estate Development Projects
Appraisal for Compensation for Expropriation of Land & Ground Improvement
Appraisal on Changes in Value before and after Urban Renewal
Land Development Project Feasibility and Marketability Analysis
Appraisal on Superficies
NPL (Non-Performing Loan)-Related Appraisal

Movable Property Appraisal

Appraisal on Machine & Equipment
Appraisal on Art Works, Jewelry, and Stocks
Appraisal on Construction Equipment (for establishment and upgrading of construction companies)

Intangible Asset Valuation

Business Valuation
Business Goodwill Valuation
Technology Valuation
Paten Valuation
Valuation for Other Intellectual Property Rights

Survey and Estimation Services

Estimation for removal fees of land improvements, buildings, and factory machines/equipment due to road construction/expansion, urban land readjustment, and zone expropriation; estimation of charges on benefits of public construction, estimation on the area of benefited district, benefited district map and inventory preparation.

Consulting Services

Real Estate Investment Return Analysis
Strategy Planning for Real Estate Disposal
Appraisal and Auction for NPL Collaterals
Corporate Investment Feasibility Study
Urban Renewal Consulting Service  

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